Becoming Archivists

On Friday 22nd January, the Web Team visited Kensington and Chelsea Archives. An archive is similar to a library but instead of just books it stores all kinds of historical information. For example, old pictures and photographs, books about history, newspapers, magazines, leaflets and maps.

When we arrived, Dave Walker, a historian and archivist, specialising in the history of Kensington, told us all about the archives. Dave has written lots about Kensington. You can view his blog here.

We then looked through the sources of information that are stored in the archives.

DSC_0717_800x533This is Dave explaining what we were going to do.

Our task was to research the history of Notting Hill Carnival and find images that we could share with the film team; use to help us in our history learning; and use in our blog. We chose our favorite pictures to scan. Then Ms Brierley (who is one of our teachers) saved the photos onto a USB key. You can see just a few of the amazing photos we found below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Before we left Dave had some important things to tell us: he believes history is useful to know because you can learn from the mistakes of the past. He also said that what amazes him about history is that although lots of things change, many things are the same. You see many people doing the same thing today that they did 100 years ago. For example, chatting on the streets and going shopping. Many of the struggles we experience today are the same as those experienced hundreds of years ago.

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