History Workshop

On Thursday 14th January Tom Vague, a local historian, came to Year 5’s classroom to talk about the history of North Kensington.

Tom taught us lots of interesting facts and new information such as: Golborne Road used to be called Britania Road and was named after a local priest.Borne means “transported by” and Westborne Park  is named after an under ground river.

In 1864 Portobello Market used to be a farm. In the late 1800’s the Welsh and Irish migrated to the local area. Did you know that the dairies were owned by the Welsh on Golborne Road? They were one of the first communities to migrate here.

Tom also taught us about all the famous  people who died and some who are still alive now. Rhaune Laslett, who was an important figure in starting Notting Hill Carnival, is one of the famous people who Tom talked about.

As Tom was showing us his slide show, he told us that Bob Marley used to go to an old place called the mangrove on Portobello Market.

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When Tom had finished his talk we asked him some questions for example:How long has graffiti been around for? Once we asked our questions it was time for break and Tom had to go.

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