Tabernacle Tour

On Monday 18th January, the year five class visited The Tabernacle (also known by some locally as the Little Taj Mahal) to explore some more history of North Kensington.

When we arrived we were greeted by Mathew Phillips, the general manger, who gave us a short tour. As we wandered around we couldn’t help but stare at the magnificent sculptures made by Trinidadian artist, Carl Gabriel. Ms Wilson thought that the wiring on the mask was very intricate and we all agreed it was well painted.


Some year fives, next to an amazing sculpture by Carl Gabriel. 

Next, we entered the conservatory  where there were many photographs of people including: Rhaune Laslett, Kelso Cochrane and Claudia Jones . Upstairs, there was a theatre and some more photographs of the activists who campaigned to save the Tabernacle and make it into a community space. We went downstairs and saw lots of trophies standing in a large, glass case which Mangrove won for their steel panning. Next to it, was a room full of shiny steel pans so children can learn to play the songs that were once played by Mangrove. The lessons are free. You can also learn how to dance, sing and act at the Tabernacle. To find out more click here. 

To learn more about the history of the Tabernacle, click here. 

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The Tabernacle 1971


Year outside The Tabernacle 2016

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