The Clay Creatives

On Thursday 14th January, artists, Jaime and Angelique came in to teach us how to make things out of clay. Jaime and Angelique work in Kindred Studios on St Marks Road.

The class got split into two groups.  One half of the class worked with Jaime to make pinch pots. The other half worked with Angelique to make model houses and buildings.

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To make the pinch pots we had to roll the clay into a ball. Then we had to poke our thumb into the clay (but we had to be careful not to do it all the way through). After that, we had to pinch the outside of the pot to make it thinner (but not too thin). To make the base, we had to flatten the bottom with a ruler.

To make the houses we got clay and made it into the shape of a cuboid.  Next, we got wire and then we cut the top to make a pointy roof. After that we dug out the inside to make our buildings hollow (but not too much because it would crack the walls and we wouldn’t be able to make the windows and door). Finally we cut out the windows and door. We were finished!

Jaime and Angelique have taken our clay work to their studio where they will be smoke fired. The film team will film this process happening in early February. Our clay work will be on exhibition at the end of the project.

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