Being Creative

Below you will find a variety of our creative responses (clay pieces, poems and photographs) to the workshops, learning and stories we heard throughout the project.

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IMG_6147 (Copy)

The Art Policy

This is North Kensington’s art policy,
The rules apply to everybody,
The brightness needs to provide light,
A light that shines through the night,
The patterns need to stand out,
So the patterns get shown all about,
This is our art policy,
The rules apply to everybody.

By Harrison Harwood-Pike and Orane Robinson


The Future of Art

The future of art is a wonderful place,
With its enchantments placed on every wall,
The future of art is our only friend,
Kaleidoscope graffiti inspires us all,
A spray of paint can feed our hearts, By the power of art.

By Karim El-Jonsafi and Nasr Eddin Bouharrak

Recipe for Art

Mix together
a tablespoon of graffiti a dash of imagination

Then pour in
a slosh of paint
a dollop of decoration

Next whisk together a cup of colours
a ladle of clay

Afterwards sprinkle in a pinch of design
a lashing of creativity

Finally cook
at varying temperatures
(depending on the time of the year)
for an extraordinary, visually pleasing dish

By Sarah Serroukh

IMG_6184 (Copy)

My City

I imagine my city all set
with vibrant shades of colour,
I design buildings
with angles and curves,
I rub out smog
and doodle crystal skies,
And paint the concrete floor squares
of the brightest hues,
I sculpt my city eccentric, unique

But then…

You rub out my vibrant hues
and brush the walls dull instead,
You change the buildings
to be average and common,
You dab a sludge of smog across the sky,
You stain the floor
with lines of vast dirt,
Now it is just ordinary,

My perfect city is changed.

By Helina Gelawdious


Carnival, where are you?

Carnival, where are you?
I’ve been waiting all year,
Sitting at home
Waiting for you.
When you arrive,
I can run away,
Go into my own world,
Dance and play.
Carnival, where are you?
The colours in my eyes,
Bright and joyous,
All kinds of colours,
Floating around,
Blue, yellow, orange and black…
Carnival, where are you?
Wonderful foods,
Sizzling on the stalls,
Mouths watering,
From the smoky smells,
People saying,
What things they sell,
Children asking,
If they can have some too,
Carnival, where are you?
Loud music in your ears,
It takes away your fears.
Carnival, come to me.
Carnival, come to me.

By Rozita Shafai 

The Headphones of my Freedom

The headphones of my freedom
The rhythm of de beat
The vibe of RnB
makes my feet spin

The way it makes me move
Just makes me groove to de tune
Makes me shine like de sun in de sky

I dance like I’m free
I can twirl,
I can boogie
That’s what I do

But music has to end
My soul goes grey
And it’s time to let go

Of the headphones
Of my freedom
For another day

By Nikita Richards, Cajarna Quinlan and Asia Alli-Padruth

DSC_0515 (Copy)

Feeling the Beat

Music is the beat
that makes you move your feet.
Jumping up and down
Spinning around and round.

Music is the beat
that makes you move your feet.
Strutting and grooving
is the way you’re choosing.

Music is the beat
that makes you move your feet
Buses, trains and busy streets
Wherever, there’s music playing sweet.

Music is the beat
that makes you move your feet.
Jazz, reggae, blues and soul
Punk, hip-hop, rock and roll.

Whatever the music
Whatever the beat
Whatever the song
Remember to…move your feet!

By Ellie Sweet and Lilia Bisnath


A Stranger Painted

I’m from Ladbroke Grove,
A stranger once painted,
He sketched the future of my city,
Painted buildings in bright hues,
Decorated walls with shapes and patterns,
Shaded faces skin colours of the world,
He rubbed out grey smog
And brushed skies blue,
He sculpted a city
interesting and unique

But then.

You drew the future of my city
as dull as dull can be,
You painted buildings in drabbest hues,
You built walls boring and plain,
You shaded all faces white,
Forgot to sketch plants and trees,
You sculpted a city
ordinary and common

By Aaliya Bishop

IMG_6185 (Copy)

My Music

Music fills the streets:
Vibrates in pothole water-puddles,
Paint smears: store front reflections,
Sound races across walls, floods eardrums –
takes on new meaning in a creative world
where meaning is too often forgotten.

My music is better than proud

There is the sound of the groove
Rhythm pounding against my heart
BOOM! BOOM! picks up the room
Created by a bass line rendition.
Music belongs where freedom
is a sound of defiance.
BOOM! BOOM! picks up the room.

By Kheira Houngan

Grove Records

Stand on the bridge
Feel the racket of the train, Stand near a school,
Feel the footsteps of the kids, Stand on the pavement
Feel the wind whistle and hoot, Stand in The Tabernacle
Feel the pans beat and tap, Stand in The Mangrove
Feel the rhythm of reggae, Stand in The Flyover
Feel the music of the world, Stand in The Grove
Feel the beating of your heart.

By Ahmad Tahan

Art Recipe

Heat up a range of hues, a pattern
a shape
Mash up pieces of green, an emerald
a lime
Spread bold graffiti onto a sculpture
a wall.
Melt designs and doodles onto buildings
and in parks.
Finally, bake together for a city of
delicious imagination. (Best served hot)

By Chelsea Odunsi


Carnival Kid

Carnival Kid you be on de float Playing steel pan loud,
De crowd be so big dat ya can’t even count.
Carnival Kid munching ya rice ‘n’ peas,
De people in Carnival buzzing around like bees.
Carnival Kid ya be dancing along On No! Man, ya better run
‘cos dere about to play ya mama’s favourite song.
Carnival Kid ya enter a new vortex,
Ya better snap out of it ‘cos ya be on steel pan next.
Carnival kid ya see de costumes shining like stars,
Dey be shining so bright dat ya can see ‘em from far.
Carnival Kid ya be playing ball wid ya friends,
Ya be playing wid mixed races Black, white, Asian…
Ya be friends to de end

By Tiffany Igharoro

Carnival is…

Carnival is for all people
Young and old
Together they’re raving
And misbehaving

Carnival is for all religions
Muslim and Rasta
Together they’re dancing
Feet all a’prancing

Carnival is for all races
Black and White
Together they’re eating
While they are meeting

Carnival is unifying Co-operate

By Nikita Richards

If Carnival was Mine

If Carnival was mine,
I would be the Party Queen,
Smiling proud with glee,
At the people dancing
And being free
Feeling the vibe,
Standing out bright
Showing Trinidadian pride.

By Asia Alli-Padruth

I Am

I am the drums
Booming and banging,
I am the food
Sizzling and frying,
I am the flags
Big and chaotic,
I am the music
Lively and loud,
I am the people
Eating and dancing,
I am the beat
Free and joyful.
I am…Carnival!

By Ella French-Thomas


The African Tree

The oak tree’s roots go deep in the soil,
Over many years, may the truth uncoil,
The abundant earth it sits upon,
Will be rich and fertile, centuries on,
It is the mother of all,
Big, medium, small,
The branches on the tree wind and twist,
They have been hit by many fists,
It has been burnt, manipulated and betrayed,
But it did not die nor wither away,
Its branches keep growing, the leaves still fresh,
But the tree I must say, is a mess,
It doesn’t get respect anymore,
We have to go down to the core,
To see the kings and queens,
Who have the same special genes,
As the tree, the one who will grow forever,
The one that will die, never.

By Tiffany Igharoro 


I Am Carnival

I am the heart of music,
I am the food to eat,
I am the art on the wall,
That sends forth good spirit and vibes.

I am the wave of processions,
I am the colours of the rainbow,
I am the African playing music,
I am the non-stop jammin’ party.

I am the people who dance,
I am following the beat,
I am the float,
I am the mas band,

I am Carnival

By David Almeida

Dem Carnival People

Dem Carnival people are raving,
But they are still craving.

Dem Carnival people eat
Jerk chick, spicy n sweet.

Dem Carnival people run n shout,
“Mudda, please! Let me go out!”

Dem Carnival people are dancing,
They don’t care about others glancing.

Dem Carnival people love their dreadlocks,
While those posh people hold their doors locked.

By Theodora Devedlaka-Price

DSC_0516 (Copy)

Carnival Is…

Carnival is singing to the beat,
Dancing to the music
With everyone you meet.
Carnival is being free,
Flowing like a river,
Buzzing like a bee.
Carnival is roaring loud,
Looking at the colours,
Boasting its costumes proud.

By Kheira Houngan

IMG_6903 (Copy)

If Life was Carnival

If life was Carnival,
The cars would be
and green.
They’d rave down the street,
In sync to the beat.

If life was Carnival,
The shops would be
They’d sing and shout,
Give all their products out.

By Douha

DSC_0518 (Copy)

I Am

I am carnival,
The rhythm on the street,
de instruments that beat.
I am carnival,
I am proud,
Even when it rains,
I get rid of de clouds.
I am carnival,
You all know me,
You know me better,
Than your ABC.
I am carnival,
I am fun,
When I shine,
It’s brighter than the sun.

By Patrick Naughton 


Carnival Is…

Carnival is…
singing to the beat
with everyone you meet,
and starting with your feet
buzzing like a bee
swaying like a tree,
Carnival is…
dem instruments tapping, clap clap boom,
de steel pan singing in a high pitched voice,
and dem African drums shouting, boom boom tap tap.

By Sarah Serroukh

I Am

I am the music that goes in your eardrums,
I am the floats you stand upon,
I am the glitter that shows your beauty,
I am carnival.
You are the people that play steel pan,
You are the people that dance up and down,
You are the mas bands that play instruments,
You are the people that enjoy carnival.

By Orane Robinson