Over the course of the project we interviewed a range of inspirational creatives. Our interviewees, who come from a range of creative disciplines, all have very strong connections to North Kensington: either growing up in the area; living here as young anarchists or bohemians in the sixties; or still living here now. Whether photographers or musicians, dancers or sculptors, one thing joins them all – they consider Ladbroke Grove extremely influential on their lives and work.

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Sculptor, Carl Gabriel. Carl Gabriel_artist (Copy)

Music Promotor, Huey Walker Huey (Copy)

Singer, Emzee HaywoodeEmzee_singer (Copy)

Photographer, Charlie Phillips Charlie Phillips2 (Copy)

Artist, Fiona Hawthorne Fiona hawthorne_artist2 (Copy)

Rapper, JC 001JC0001 (Copy)

Sculptor, Joe RushJoe Rush_artist (Copy)

Musician, Samuel DuboisSam Dubois_muscian (Copy)

Photographer, Steve MepstedSteve mepstead2 (Copy)

Musician, Niles Hailstones Niles (Copy)

Poet & artist, Mark JacksonMark Jackson_poet (Copy)

Dancer & musician, Nigel WarwickNigel Warwick_choreographer (Copy)