Over the course of the project, all the pupils took part in a number of workshops. The Web Team then took part in some of their own, whilst the Film Crew were practising to use the recording equipment.

Workshop One: The Beginnings of Notting Hill Carnival by Mike and Grace Laslett, the son and granddaughter of Rhaune Laslett who played an instrumental part in starting the carnival. We also began planning our own carnival, which we’re holding in our school playground this summer to commemorate Carnival’s 50th Anniversary. Read more about this workshop on our blog post History of Rhaune Laslett.

Workshop Two: Kensington and Chelsea Archives By Dave Warner. The Web Team headed to the the Local Studies section in Kensington and Chelsea Archives where they archivist, Dave Warner. Dave has a keen interest in the history of North Kensington and has written much about it on his blog which you can read here.  Dave gave the Web Team a tour of the Archives and taught them research skills using primary sources of evidence so they could find out more about Notting Hill Carnival. Read more about our trip to the Archives on our blog post Becoming Archivists.

Workshop Three: Kensal Communities by local historian, Tom Vague. After an introduction by Digital Works, Tom Vague presented an overview of the different groups of people who have migrated to North Kensington. The children had also prepared lots of questions for him about how the area has changed. Read more about our workshop with Tom Vague in our blog post History Workshop.

Workshop Four: Clay by Jaime and Angelique from Kindred Studios. The children found out about the artists’ studio and began thinking about the importance of the arts to individuals and communities. They then had the opportunity to explore their own creativity by learning how to make miniature buildings and pinch pots using clay. These will be smoke fired at the studios when the children go to visit. Read more about our workshop with Jaime and Angelique in the blog post The Clay Creatives.

Workshop Five: Tabernacle Tour by general manager, Matthew Phillip. Described as the “Taj Mahal” of North Kensington, Year 5 got a behind the scenes tour of this important community venue. They also saw, Trinidadian sculptor, Carl Gabriel’s latest pieces on display – the Film Team later got to interview him and he is working with the whole school during the Summer Term to create our very own 3D piece for our Carnival, and to display afterwards. Read more about our your of the Tabernacle in our blog post Tabernacle Tour.

Workshop Five: The Street as an Art Gallery by Fiona Hawthorne. The pupils met locally based artist, Fiona Hawthorne, whose latest public installations are  currently displayed on the Portobello Wall and Wornington Green Estate. Just the Web Team were able to go out into the local area to see her works in situ (as the Film Team were busy learning how to use the recording equipment) but the whole class got to interview her and explore here website afterwards. Read more about our walking tour with Fiona is the blog posts Project RampFiona celebrating 150 years of Portobello Market! and Fiona Hawthorne.

Workshop Six:  Framing by Zute Lightfoot and Toby Laurent Belson. The Web Team headed out into the local area to find inspiration for everyday objects and scenes. Photographer, Zute Lightfoot, and artist, Toby Laurent Belson taught the pupils how to frame photographs more effectively and in different ways, as well as how to look more closely at inspiration around them in every day life. Read more about and see more of our photography in the following blog posts Out on LocationOur Photography WorkshopYear 5 Camera WorkshopWebteam Photo ShootPhotography Fun.

Workshop Seven: Black History Walk of Notting Hill & North Kensington by Tony Warner. In order to improve the pupils’ understanding of the history of the local area, and of history in general, they took part in a walk led by a guide from Black History Talks. Much was learnt about the contributions to Britain of non-white members of our local community and from other parts of the world.

Workshop Eight: Are We Nearly There Yet? by members of The Pepper Pot Centre.  The pupils visited elders from the local Caribbean community in order to find out what it was like to arrive from another country to Britain, and what life used to be like for them in North Kensington. The pupils learnt much about the obstacles the elders had to overcome, and how the community has changed and grown. They also had to practise their note-taking skills to keep a record of what they heard.

Workshop Nine: Standing at the Crossroads by Niles Hailstones and Samuel Dubois. After hearing Nile’s interview and hearing the song ‘Standing at the Crossroads’ by his band, Afrikan Revolution, we decided that is is what we’d like to title of the film to be. Niles and Samuel (of Ebony Steelband) then kindly offered to come in and teach us the song on the drums and pans so we could perform it at the screening of the film at The Tabernacle. You can watch us learning to sing the song here  and dance to the rhythm of the drums here and here…just because it was fun!