Film Crew

Matthew and Sav from Digital Works taught the film crew how to make a successful oral history documentary. They learnt about sound, lighting, camera angles and shots, as well as  how to ask effective questions to get the most interesting answers from interviewees. The crew filmed footage in our “in-school studios” and out on location.

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First of all the film crew learnt and practised how to use the recording equipment in class. In addition, they developed their question-asking skills so that open, rather than closed, questions were asked during filming. It was then time to put their new found skills to the test and interview the artists. Recording “studios” were set up using backdrops (on which we put some artwork of Golborne Road by Year 6 pupils) in the Deputy Heads’ offices.

On the final day of filming, we went to Kindred Studios, underneath The Westway, to film on location. This is where our clay pieces, which the class had made at the beginning of the project with Jaimie and Angelique, had been fired – so we got to see them too. It was fascinating to see a real art studios and to learn more from different artists and crafts people how they do and make their pieces.

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