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Fiona Hawthorne

On the 28th of January we were lucky to meet the artist Fiona Hawthorne. First we went on a walk to see her art and then she told us about how she produces her artwork. Fiona showing us her artwork … Continue reading

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Fiona celebrating 150 years of Portobello Market!

Fiona Hawthorne, who is a local artist, showed us some of her inspiring artwork on Portobello Road. She taught us about her ink pens and the reportage technique that she used (drawing people in real life really quickly). In total she produced … Continue reading

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Project Ramp

Year 5 had an opportunity to meet Fiona Hawthorne, a local artist. She took the website team out for a walk to show them her artworks in North Kensington. This included a project called ‘project ramp’, on the ramp next … Continue reading

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Becoming Archivists

On Friday 22nd January, the Web Team visited Kensington and Chelsea Archives. An archive is similar to a library but instead of just books it stores all kinds of historical information. For example, old pictures and photographs, books about history, … Continue reading

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Tabernacle Tour

On Monday 18th January, the year five class visited The Tabernacle (also known by some locally as the Little Taj Mahal) to explore some more history of North Kensington. When we arrived we were greeted by Mathew Phillips, the general manger, who … Continue reading

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The Clay Creatives

On Thursday 14th January, artists, Jaime and Angelique came in to teach us how to make things out of clay. Jaime and Angelique work in Kindred Studios on St Marks Road. The class got split into two groups.  One half … Continue reading

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History Workshop

On Thursday 14th January Tom Vague, a local historian, came to Year 5’s classroom to talk about the history of North Kensington. Tom taught us lots of interesting facts and new information such as: Golborne Road used to be called … Continue reading

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